• General Spanish
  • Survival Spanish Program
  • Healthcare Spanish (coming in June)
  • Banking & Financial Spanish (coming in June)

Our method is designed to get you communicating in Spanish from the first lesson even if you are a beginner. Our tutors have a working knowledge of English but will do their best to speak Spanish as much as possible and make you speak it as well. This may be challenging in the first few lessons but you will begin to see rapid improvement in your speaking ability, accent and comprehension. At the end of the introduction lesson a personalized “program of study” will be prepared in order to reach your goals.

This is the fastest way for you to have full conversations in Spanish. You cannot become fluent from a book. Language is meant to be learned through real one-on-one interaction.

Spanish Test & Assessment
The purpose of this test is to determine your level of Spanish, what areas you want to improve and your overall learning goals and objectives. The Spanish test and assessment is sent via email after you sign up for an introduction lesson.
Curriculum & E-Lessons
Classes are 100% customized according to your needs established in the completed assessment test. E-lessons are used during your lesson which includes: (See screenshots of e-lessons in our virtual classroom)

  • Useful expressions and greetings
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Role play
  • Drills, quizzes and exercises
  • Homework